Putin’s dehumanizing machine

11 марта, 2022 9:24 пп


Transcript of the interview Feigin — Arestovich. Video in Russian is here: “ In Mariupol, the dead are already lying on the streets”.

Русская версия расшифровки здесь: Деньги Кремля пойдут на восстановление Украины.

— Mariupol has a humanitarian catastrophe. It is no longer possible for civilians to exist — there is no water, no electricity, no gas.

— There are 200-300 thousand inhabitants. Already have food problems. Because of the constant shelling, they cannot even bury people. Over 1200 people were already killed, according to the mayor of Mariupol. But the troops are there, they hold on, the enemy does not have enough strength to enter the city, because of heavy street fighting — one Russian against six or eight from our side, they can’t stand that. So they continue to bomb with planes. Unlike other places where they managed to create a green corridor, in Mariupol they do not go for it on principle. Every day it is announced, and every day people are not let out. The task there is to show an indicative punishment for resistance. For the fact that 8 years ago Mariupol did not go over to their side.

But efforts are being made at the level of international organizations, journalists, churches, but so far they have not succeeded.

— Deblockade is theoretically possible at all?

– Deblockade is only humanitarian. We don’t have army troops there — we can’t reach there with anything. True, yesterday they suffered a very good defeat, about 250 Russian soldiers were killed, a lot more wounded. But this worked out by the means of the senior commander. Of course, we can deliver such strikes, but every day it will be more and more difficult because the enemy (indiscernible), secondly, does not fundamentally solve the situation, because they continue to kill civilians.

– Can we talk about a change in the tactics of the Kremlin, that they are now acting as a siege, they are afraid to waste their personnel on direct attacks. Is it already accurate?

— Definitely. We can confirm that. They are stupidly hitting residential areas, hoping that the population, distraught, having lost all hope, will put political pressure on the authorities. The main task is to break the link of trust between the authorities and the people.

Well, of course, people psychologically already sag a lot. Enough messages already on the Internet “Do something!” People need to shout out, it’s a psychological transference. But here all the people who are listening to me now need to understand very well: this psychological transference must be directed towards hatred for the invaders who arranged all this. You can tag us as much as you like, thanks for the signals — we are watching everything very carefully. I try to go to every comment, even to a user who has two friends, to give human support. But you must understand that the purpose of the Kremlin is precisely this, to quarrel us. And no matter how much you tag us, the authorities cannot do anything if the enemy does not want it.

– To what extent can we say that Belarus already bears responsibility as an involved party?

– The second topic of the day is Belarus. Lukashenko left for Moscow, and there was a provocation today at 14:00 — Russian planes flew in from Belarusian part and bombed our territory, then turned around and bombed Belarus from our territory. It was such a provocation, but Belarusians were warned — we had a direct appeal from the Minister of Defense in connection with this provocation, I said directly and, accordingly, Solovyov (Russian propagandist), I see, already wrote in his Telegram: “A-ha-ha-ha! There was no provocation!” — that is, the provocation failed. BUT! It is still unclear what Putin and Lukashenko talked about for 5 hours. Is Alexander Grygorich going to draw Belarus into the conflict with Ukraine even more?

But we honestly warned him not to do this, because… Well, it’s clear that we will bury the Belarusian army here, and secondly, I suspect that their soldiers will go over to our side or try at least not to follow the orders. Because the mood among the officers and soldiers is fundamental — they do not want to take part in this. And besides, the Belarusian territory is already used — the entire airfield network, all the old ammunition, the entire railway network, but we have not touched Belarus so far. They are warned, they are warned again, but if they invade — that’s it, Belarus will finally become a legitimate enemy. Therefore, they need to be very clearly aware that when we grind the entire Russian army and the entire Belarusian army here, what will happen next? They need to think hard. Nobody will protect themselves in Belarus anymore.

— Well, it seems that he does not decide anything at all, but this may be a false feeling.

— Duh, no! He’s wiggling.

— We saw that you had a press conference of three pilots in Kyiv, journalists, foreign journalists were present… One of the pilots, as I understand it, is a fighter pilot…

— Bomber.

– Is he really from Ukraine himself? His mother…

— From Kremenchuk.

— That is it, the dude flew in… Does he serve in the Crimea?

— Yes.

— He flew to bomb his Motherland.

— Well, I think he is a traitor, a traitor from ours. But it needs to be clarified.

— He served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then ended up in the Crimea and that’s it.

— Well, even if he wasn’t a traitor — you’re bombing your own mom — you’re happily flying and dropping unguided bombs. His mother wrote down an appeal, she apologized to the people of Ukraine: “I, as a mother, am certainly glad that my son is alive, but I apologize to the people for raising such a person …”

Well, this Russian machine, this Putin regime is a dehumanizing machine. They’ve lost even the remains of it. And the command could just not send a Ukrainian to bomb Ukraine. By the way, the next target was exactly the city where his mother was from, so he LITERALLY had to bomb his own mother. In the Foreign Legion, for example, they never send soldiers to fight against the country they come from. And the Russians do not care at all. What a big deal — go bomb your mother, what’s the difference. (I don’t think they do not care, I think it’s the part of the dehumanization tactic, plus the sophisticated pleasure of bullying, see how he will suffer — Mayday Rocks).

We also listen to the conversations between Russian captives with their mothers — all this is absolutely impersonal. Like — «Well, what do you want, son — that is war. Hold on». This also gives a painful impression, because we see that Putin regime has been dehumanizing the population for 20 years. Humanity has already been lost even at the level of everyday family contacts . Everything has been dehumanized.

— This is definitely absolutely true, this can be seen thanks to many other signs. Ukraine just brought it all out. The war turned everything upside down even for those who… Inside Ukraine, there were all sorts of… half-baked, we call them. They want to be here and there at the same time. And now it doesn’t work out like this — who are you with, what are you? .. Well, okay. We have attracted a Foreign Legion, and THOSE (Russians) said today that they will send 16,000 contractors from the Middle East — who are they? Is it Syria? I still don’t get it — is it ISIS?

— Well, they say “the Syrian army took up arms”, the Assad regime. But it’s very funny, because 12 days ago they announced that they would demolish Ukraine in 24 hours, and now they can’t do it without the Syrians. The world’s second army cannot cope with Ukraine without 16,000 slipper-wearers. But I would like to watch the Syrians at minus 16 (Celsium, 3,2 Fahrenheit) near Kharkov and minus 9 near Kiev — how they will rejoice at the war.

— But did Putin agree to this?

— Yes .. All the stupidity of this regime, which is already completely entangled in its own snot, is now visible to everyone. And the Russians, if they still had the right to ask questions, they would have asked the following question: “How much has been spent on the Russian army, starting from the 14th year?”

(In 2020 alone, Russia spent $62 billion. Ukraine in the same year — $5.9 billion — Mayday Rocks).

And after all these expenses, it is necessary to take 16 thousand Syrians because the great Russian army cannot cope?

Look, we killed two commanders of the 29th Army of the Eastern District within 24 hours today. Well… If officers of the commanding level are dying, then how can 16,000 Syrians help? But ok, bring them here — we haven’t killed Syrians yet.

— Well, yes, next time you better invite Indians with bows.

— Well, they scrape everyone they can, because there are stupidly no forces. They have no information, they hope — well, we will apply a little more force and finally push through. Well, another 20 thousand corpses will be added (together with Belarusians), that’s all.

– We were told that the government of Ukraine with its allies is already thinking about 415 billion frozen reserves of the Russian Central Bank in foreign securities – how they can be used to help Ukraine – for rebuilding infrastructure, bridges, hospitals, schools. Plus, we need money for the war. As far as we can say, there will be an initiative to create a Fund of Ukraine, where funds will be transferred from Russian sources, both state and corporate. What is their motivation? I mean — if you destroy it all, it will be restored with your money, assholes?

— Plus sanctions! Sanctions are really a very effective mechanism, they are very effective. Especially personal sanctions hit very hard. In addition, Western partners constantly say that a Marshall Plan will be created to restore Ukraine, the approximate figure is over 300 billion euros (!!!). It is much easier for Europeans to take this money from what they seized in their own countries than to give their own money. Apparently this will be discussed. At least some of the Russian money will be arrested in accounts in Europe.

— Is this a path that is already being discussed?

— Absolutely. Both the Europeans do not spend their own money, and Kremlin weeps because of what it has done.

— Well, yes, because many assholes in the Kremlin media (they are all Kremlin) are discussing the situation like: «We will not seize Ukraine, but we will destroy it all. Then there will be no money for weapons, no money for militarization. Because they’ll need to rebuild their homes».

— We will restore everything with your money.

— Well, motherfuckers! You have to understand that it’ll be done with your own money. And your taxes.

— With taxes and personal money of those people who kept them in the banks of Europe, England and the USA.

I’ll tell you, what Russia does not understand.

On the one hand, they (Europeans) were afraid of Putin. Although I do not understand what to be afraid of — we’re smearing Russia right now — so what. Why should France, Germany and others be afraid?

On the other hand, they felt the taste of Putin’s blood and began to take revenge on him with our, Ukranian, hands. With our hands on the battlefield — ok. They revenge for all those years of fear and humiliation of the unfortunate Macron… According to some reports, when Putin was about to accept the «independency» of LPR-DPR, he promised Macron several times that he would not do that (Russian writer and historian Akunin is indeed right — every word of Putin is Operation Disinformation. That is, not a LIE, but a deliberate misrepresentation — Mayday Rocks). And then Putin called Macron an hour before his action and said: “I will admit it” — “How so?” — «That’s how». And that’s it. He talks to him like he is his pussy. And I don’t understand how they can they endure all these humiliations endlessly.

And so they understood how it is possible to let Putin’s blood flow. With great, voluptuous pleasure they introduce these sanctions, take his money. And this process will continue. I can feel it very clearly from my internal communication with them, that it was they who felt the TASTE of blood. And they will give us weapons, and they will beat Russia economically. Because they are into it already. They are not ready to go to the battlefield, but they can harm by indirect methods with pleasure.

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